Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Just what the heck is going on? Global warming? Me thinks not. Maybe this is just a hint of winter then the weather will return to what has been normal over the last few years.

I don’t like the cold weather. I don’t care for snow, sleet or a mixture of the two. When I was a young (but a cool guy) I loved the snow. Probably because we didn’t have to go to school and the blood flow must have been better then.

It was cold, but not bad. Now, it can be 40 degrees and I don’t want to be outside. My ears hurt, my fingers don’t work that well and there is the whole bald thing to factor in.

I do like cool…just not cold. The last few years have been fairly mild in the winter so I guess we need a bad winter. But I vote no.

People around my age and up remember some good winter weather. Up to a foot of snow, frequent white stuff, etc.

Now if we get the bad stuff, it is usually ice. Ice is good in a drink but not to drive on.

If I wanted to live somewhere with a lot of snow, I would move north. But I live in LeFlore County, where we get the cold stuff in the winter and the hot stuff in the summer.

Some people say they couldn’t live where the weather was nice year round. They like the different seasons. Okay. I like the fall and spring (aside from tornados and allergies) but I would like to try living in a place where the weather is 70 to 75 year round, or maybe a little warmer during the day and cool in the evening.

But I guess if I did that, I would have to deal with gangs and earthquakes, plus the cost of living would be a little higher than LeFlore County.

I guess I will have to settle for living like that in retirement. Three homes for the Craigman! One here for the start of football season until the end; a warm place for the winter; back home for the spring; then off to the north for the summer.

Now I just have to figure out how to pay for it. Legally. Maybe my upcoming N.Y. Times bestseller: “The Life and times of Craigman!” (advance orders are welcome and I will start writing as soon as I get motivated, or figure out how to make my rather boring life sound enchanting).

Here is my first chapter, which is as far as I have gotten.

I was a fat little Craigman when I was born, nothing to write home (or a book about). A few people knew their lives would never be the same. My life changed soon, about the time I got old enough to waddle. It was the 1960s! Times were a changin’ and not always for the best.”

Wow! Is that good? Kind of makes you want to read more, eh? Time to work on the rest of the tell-all (except the embarrassing parts)!


  1. Hello Craig~

    As I set here reading this blog of yours it was as if I wrote it! Well, most of it anyway, aside from being a cool guy and the bald comment =]

    Cold weather is no friend of mine, never has been, never will be.

    I hate putting up with Old Man Winter and Jack Frost nipping at my nose pretty much p's me off. They spoil the outdoors, nature person I am by forcing me to stay indoors and I could do without the both of them!

    I refuse to get out in the cold and complain about it if I have to be in it at all. Like making a trip to the grocery store, after a couple days listening to the kids and hubby whine about needing food ect. I will force myself to get out in the cold and sacrifice a bit of my warm and cozy comforts of home for an hour or two so they can eat. Why cant they just put on a few extra layers of fat like me so I can just stay in for the winter months??

    Global Warming, Im thinking having a little sunshine and mild temperatures during the winter is really not such a bad thing. Global warming, well Im thinking it sounds pretty good to me.

    I too need to find out a way to pay for at least 2 vacation homes so I can be comfortable all year long. Im pretty sure if I were to write a book it would be a best seller due to the fact I have lived an amazingly exciting life you know. Ask Ralph, I bet he knows one chapter that would be quit the the chapter to read LOL

    Now, where is my snuggy and hot chocolate!!


    Lara Jo~

  2. You need to write a blog. You can be a cool female with plenty of hair. I don't mind the female part, but the hair...You actually have a snuggy? I thought they were rumored, like bigfoot or something. I am going to get plenty of info from Ralph.

  3. Im no writer/blogger tho I would like to be. My writing skills stink! I hated English in school. My teacher was a very hard, mean woman, I feared to ask her much of anything lol

    No! its true, the snuggy actually exists I was lucky enough to receive one as a Christmas gift from my step mom. I think it is a cheap knock off tho as it is not very snuggy, its thin and not that warm. I had to wash it right out of the box as well, it had a strange funk smell...yuk. Bigfoot may smell better =]

    IDK how much you will get outta Ralph, he knows the wrath I can take out on a man. Goodluck.

    ha ha

  4. I still believe the snuggy is a myth. I have ways to make people talk.