Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A different look

As many of you know, I enjoy photography.

My main interests are sports, bugs and landscape.

I like to do my pictures a little different, from getting inches away from bugs (yes, some that sting and I have been stung and bit) to using different angles and views.

On Tuesday, I went to Heavener's game at Spiro. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I love Spiro's gym. It is one of the few gyms I have been to that has lighting good enough that I don't have to use a flash.

Before going to the gym, I wanted to capture the look of the beautiful gym and action all in a different view from the normal shot.

So I gave it some thought and decided to try the image you see below.

I took my 10-22 mm Canon lens and set it at 10 mm, which is as you can see very wide angle. I set the speed at extremely slow to capture the blurred motion which is evident in the picture. To see a bigger version of the shot, click HERE.
Then, I sat the camera on the floor, held the camera still with one hand while I pressed the shutter. the ISO was at 100 while the aperture was f-22.

I did not apply any special effects to the picture such as blurring. The blur is from the slow shutter speed which shows the players and coaches moving. The Spiro cheerleader on the right was still, although she did almost kick me in the face later on, which I hope was an accident. You can also see the scoreboard at the center of the court.
Just thought I would share this picture and how I took it with you.

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