Monday, December 7, 2009



I don’t often ask for help or like to ask, but I need your help.

Actually, it’s not just for me. It’s also for two of my best friends, Gabby and Rufus.

See, Gabby and Rufus are two of my dogs. I have moved and can’t take Gabby and Rufus with me. So they need a home, a very good home.

Gabby is approximately eight years old and is half Akita and half Rottweiler. She loves people and going on walks. I am not sure about moonlight dinners. Gabby is a good watchdog and is an outside dog.

Rufus is four-years old and is a full-blood Boxer. He has a great personality and loves people. Rufus is good with little ones and loves to be with people.

Rufus has been neutered and Gabby has been spayed so no puppy worries! They are both good-sized dogs but both are very loving and have good personalities.

If you are interested in either Gabby or Rufus, please call me at (918) 649-4712.

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