Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Once upon a time...

The following admission is not one I like to share.

Once, I was an official in football and basketball. I called football for two years and basketball for one year (yes, that was all it took!)

Actually, I am still an official, but only from a distance. I see good officials, some that aren’t so good and others that…never mind.

There have been plenty of times I was not pleased with officiating in pro, college and high school.

And yes, I have voiced my displeasure. There have been times where I even yelled, mainly at the television. I try to behave in public. You will see why shortly.

Some people are not as well behaved, even in high school and junior high games.

I might catch myself helping an official at times, but I don’t say things as a personal insult and try to limit my comments, since I am technically working and supposed to be impartial.

Well, I am impartial when it is two county teams playing each other. If it is a county team playing against an out of county team, I want the county team to win. It just might not seem that way in my stories as I try to be balanced.

I cringe, groan and might make a comment to whoever is unlucky enough to be sitting by me, but I never yell or stand and wave my arms and tell the official he or she is blind, an idiot or needs to quit officiating, which I have heard many times this year and in years past.

That is because I realize what the officials are going through. I have seen many games where the officiating seems slanted to one team over another, even this year. I don’t like this and try to convince myself that is not the case.

After all, we are dealing with people and after officiating (especially basketball), I know how difficult it is to call games. In high school, the officials are part time. This isn’t there main job and most of the officials do it because they love the sport and enjoy it.

I wouldn’t want to call basketball. I doubt most of the people sitting in the stands could do better, or would want to try.

Coaches, fans and players get frustrated. I still do. I remember getting called for fouls when I never even breathed on an opponent.

And yes, I even got hit with a technical while playing. An official called a foul on me and I turned the opposite direction and made a comment about the call. Unfortunately, the other official happened to be looking in my direction and did not appreciate what I said, not that I blame him.

I got a seat on the bench for doing that and a lecture from my parents. Sadly, my mother didn’t see or hear what I said but some snitch felt inclined to share my comment. I was told that if I wanted to continue my athletic career, I should not use that type of language, especially at a public event.

I tried to do better after that, and still do.

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  1. I myself have never called a game of high school basketball, but have watched many of them.
    I do know that how a game is called many times can and does effecte the out come
    When calls are so blatenly one sided and a game is stolen from a smaller school who works very hard it is sad there is no honer for the winning team.
    in our area you can not get a fair game when playing Howe Or Red oak. ask anyone not from there , if your team starts to pull ahead or just stay with them you will be in Foul trouble before the first buzzer sounds
    I agree some offials are fair but many more let there personal feeling dictate there whisle and if there going to put on the blk and white shirt then our kids all of our kids deserve fairness