Thursday, January 28, 2010

State of the union and more

A rather lame day yesterday, complete with a slight tummy virus!

I did drive across town without getting plowed by a Toyota car, truck or minivan, which is good. I was on high alert as I crossed the highway, vigilant in observing any Toyota vehicle!

I thought I saw one, but it was a Nissan. I breathed much better. No stuck accelerator! Fact is, I was more concerned with vehicles that had previously been involved in an accident and had never bothered to get it fixed.

Latest prediction says the ice storm will be worse in LeFlore County than was predicted last night.

Great. We need another ice storm, as if. A lot of the damage from the 2000 ice storm still exists. Yes, I remember that one well. I stood out on the back deck and listened as limbs from pine trees snapped, sounding like somebody was shooting a shotgun back in the woods.

I never lost electricity from the 2000 ice storm, but a lot of people did. All I lost was, gasp, the cable! Ugh. And the bill was not adjusted for the week or so without cable. Yes, I asked. No, I was told in that familiar customer service response.

Speaking of customer service, had to call a certain electrical company that services much of LeFlore County about a bill. First off, the number they gave me was not the one I needed.

The wrong number kept me on the line for approximately 10 minutes and I had to go through the typical crud like whether I spoke English or Spanish. Then I had to enter my account number, name, length of hair on my back and finally I quit replying and got to talk to a person.

I was then informed that I had to call another number. After the same junk as I did before, I was told to leave a message and the call would be returned promptly. It has now been approximately 22 hours and no call. I don’t consider that promptly.

Finally, I skipped the state of the union address last night, otherwise known as the President Obama pep rally. I am surprised they did not dim the lights and use a spotlight as he approached the pedestal as he high-fived all the cronies.

I did see enough to make me watch a basketball game instead. I have never figured out why it is necessary to clap, stand and whoop and holler after every statement.

I think he could have mentioned that he needed to go No. 1 and the crowd would have roared, aside from the Supreme Court justices, who looked like they wanted to take a nap.

Good thing there wasn’t anything on television that I missed last night. 24 was on Monday night and that is about the only regular show I watch on television. I am skipping American Idol this year, just because of Paula. Ha ha, as if. I actually watched Idol last year, realized how much of my life I had wasted and vowed not to watch it this year.

Rachel Ray just said Brendan Frazier, who is a guest on her show this morning, is known for the diversity of his work. Uh, right. He should have stuck with Encino Man.

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