Thursday, January 7, 2010

My mail!

Well, let’s take a look at the old mailbag!

As in email mailbag. Yes, I know, it is not actually a mailbag when it comes in via email, but it sounded good.

I have several email accounts, but only use two. So let’s go through the big two first!

Ready? Okay!

Whoa, 15 new females are available on Yahoo personals, just for me! Sorry, I have trouble with one, certainly not 15! I don’t know why I get these emails and usually delete them. I have taken a glance a time or two. There is a definite reason why some of these people are still looking for their soulmates.

I got an email from Runners World telling me how to run longer and faster! I would settle for being able to run without my knee swelling up like a grapefruit. I’ll pass.

Great! Nurses are wanted! I have nothing against nurses, even male nurses, but I don’t think I am cut out for working with catheters.

Hey, I can make money from the comfort of my own home! Oh, wait, I have to pay? I think not. DELETE.

A note from Facebook telling me a person I don’t really know well suggested I should become friends with a person I have never heard of. Shall I? I shan’t.

Some silly crud from people I know. I seldom check these unless they are on my approved list, meaning their emails are worth checking out. If it is one of those forward this on to 50 people and you will have a great blessing today, I pass.

Hmm, no email telling me how I can make body parts bigger or smaller. I guess they finally gave up.

An offer to check my credit score. I’ll pass.

A politician wants some money? Yeah, right.

A comment on a photo I posted! Yeah, they liked it.

An email telling me I spelled a person’s name wrong. Oops. It is corrected. I would blame this on spellcheck but it was my bad.

Well, I finally got through with my email. Now, I just have to check my texts…

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