Saturday, January 23, 2010

County tournament blog!

Well, here we are. The final day of the LeFlore County Tournament. I will update this blog throughout the day so check back often.

We're here at the Stub (what I call the Stubblefield Center). Drivers can relax, I arrived here safely and did not cause any wrecks, collisions or fender benders.

The third-place game between Poteau and Pocola is just tipping off.

Normally, a third-place game is sort of like pulling teeth. Hopefully it won't be like that today.

Good seats ARE still available! Another update soon.

It is now 2:46 and 31 seconds left in the first quarter. Half of the lights in the Stub just went out and there is a delay while we wait for the lights to come back.

The score is tied at 6 so the basketball has not been the best. I always thought playing in a third-place game would be like pulling a tooth. Not that I ever played in a third-place game, but nobody wants to be playing in this game and that is how both teams are playing.

Neither coaches have been thrilled with the officiating so far. Lights still out! Another update soon.

Now 2:57 play has resumed but the lights are still off. Some confusion on which end the players are going to play on. It is a little darker down at the one end, but still light enough to play.

Meagan Severe hit a 3 at the buzzer to give Pocola a 9-6 lead after one quarter. Teams have switched ends?

Updated 3:12

The lights are back on. Almost halftime, Pocola leads 20-16. As you can probably tell by the score, this has not been an offensive explosion by either team.

One of the Lady Indians shot a few minutes ago just behind the free-throw line and hit the top of the backboard.

Just talked to Heavener boys coach Scott Gregory and he said Brandon Kirkland is here today and rode the team bus. Kirkland will likely have surgery on Monday for his broken collarbone.

The Pocola cheerleaders, who are dressed in black for some reason, are throwing tee-shirts into the stands. Sadly, they did not throw any in my direction.

Okay, we are at halftime. Pocola leads, 20-18. The music is loud, bad and giving me a headache. Just thought you would like to know that.

Hmm, I think it might be time to check out the old hospitality room. Arkoma has done a good job putting on the tournament and providing an impressive spread for the hospitality room.

Speaking of food, it is a good thing I don't cover games here all the time. I'd weight three bills and be poorer than I already am. The hot dogs are smoking! Best I have had in a while, unfortunately they cost $3!




Second half about to start. Forgot to mention, Courtney Allison has three fouls for Poteau in the first half but is playing. Whoa, first shot was good by Jodi Meier and the game is tied.

If you have any questions, please send a text to 918-649-4712 and I will answer.


End of third. Pocola scored last six points to take a 34-31 lead. Pocola, which was 9-30 on free throws Thursday in the loss to Heavener, is 14-22 midway through the third quarter.

Speaking of Pocola, sophomore Taylor Martindale will be a great player. Martindale, along with Chelsea Baggs and Meagan Brown of Howe are impressive players as sophomores.\\



Pocola won the third-place game for the girls, 52-44. Martindale and Meagan Severe each scored 14 for Pocola. Addie Guthrie led Poteau with 15.

Talked to Brandon Kirkland. He is at the game with his left arm in a sling. He said he was not aware of the injury after the collision with Taggart Lockhart. Kirkland went back down the court, touched his shoulder and felt the bone sticking out.

He will have the operation this week and will hopefully be back in time for baseball.



Midway through the first quarter, Poteau leads Heavener, 15-2, and it is obvious that the Wolves are struggling without Kirkland. Poteau, meanwhile, is not suffering any hangovers from the last-minute loss to Spiro last night.

I am going to write more about it later in the week, but the Stub is an awesome facility for basketball. It holds 3,100 and there isn’t a bad seat in the place.

Before I got to experience a game in this environment, I wished there was some way the tournament finals could return to CASC.

This is just way too good, though. Nobody has to stand in the baseline and it is plenty cool, nothing like CASC is when the gym is packed.


It is halftime and it is not looking good for Heavener. The Wolves trail Poteau 48-23 and it is obvious they want to get through with this game and get reorganized next week in practice.

For some reason, unlike the rest of the week, the early games today were scheduled at 2:30 and 4 p.m., instead of 4 and 5:30. That means there will be an hour and a half break between the third-place games and the ones tonight.

The Stub will be emptied in between, I guess to clean the place, not like it needs a whole lot of cleaning with the smallish crowd in here today.

I noticed the jacket of the officials said Arkansas Officials Association. I have no problem with bringing in different officials for the tournament, but was surprised to see the officials for the afternoon game were out of Arkansas.



The showdown between Heavener and Howe is only 24 minutes away. Howe is dressed in red while the Lady Wolves are in their home uniforms.

The crowd is starting to flood into the Stub. Looks like there will be a bigger crowd here tonight than there was for the semifinals last night.

All the lights aside from one came back on and there have not been any other problems.

Looks like the whole county is represented here tonight. There are plenty of people from Heavener and Howe here, of course, but there are also fans from Wister, Cameron, Pocola, Poteau, LeFlore and everywhere else.

Looks like both games should be good ones


  1. Great! This seems to be working. Just update the scores and we will be happy! Thanks, Craig

  2. Always enjoy your comments along with the scores, Craig. Sorry to hear about Brandon.