Saturday, January 2, 2010

The glass is half full..

It is now 2010 as you plainly realize.

Yes, that might be the worst lead ever for a blog. The second paragraph isn’t much better, but I’m working on it.

I was ready for a change of years. 2009 was not a good one for the old Craiggers but that is all I am going to write about it.

I am looking forward to a great 2010. I view the coming year just like all sport teams do entering a new season. I am undefeated and have not suffered any defeats.

Yep, I’m looking forward and not behind. That is the year that was, not my behind. The glass is half full, not half empty. I would rather the glass was full, since I am thirsty but I have to be realistic.

The Journal is now over three months old and continues to grow. A lot of the success is because of the readers, of course, and those who spread the word.

A lot of the new readers found the Journal because of the current readers who have been kind enough to tell others about the web site and I thank you.

Please continue.

This will be a big month. The county tournament is this month along with a bunch of big basketball games. Things have been a little slow over the Christmas break but that is fixing to change in a big way.

We have had a lot of people help by sending in stories, photographs and scores and hopefully this continues and grows. As you know, I am the only person with the Journal and it is impossible to cover everything and everybody and that is another way you can help.

I am looking forward to great things in the new year and glad to have you along for the ride.

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  1. I'm ready for 2010 myself Craig. Looking forward to your reports on the LeFlore County Tournament. Wish I could be there. - Jim Patterson