Saturday, January 16, 2010

The case of the missing cell

I used to get along just fine without a cell phone.

I would like to think I could still do okay without a cell phone. But…

Just this week, I learned how much I rely on the old Motorola Razr, or however you say it. I forgot my phone at my favorite person’s house Wednesday night.

On my way home, I reached into my pocket and gasp! No phone! I am usually pretty good about taking care of the old phone. Other things, no comment. I knew where it was, but didn’t want to drive back to Poteau and get it.

I planned on going to Poteau Thursday morning and could get it then. I had to make a call that night, one I make several times a day but realized that I did not know the number.

It was programmed in my cell, of course. I had to search for the number on Facebook.

But I knew I would get my phone on Thursday! Wrong. I woke up Thursday at 3 as in the morning, el sicko. I won’t go into all the details, but let’s just say everything in my belly and probably some of the tummy lining was coming out both ends.

This kept on until around 8 or so. Apparently I had emptied all contents, or so I thought. I searched for my phone to make a call and realized no phone.

I wanted my phone. I needed my phone. Even though I am not a phone yapper. But I certainly did not feel like driving to get my phone. I was feeling bad enough I didn’t even get on the old laptop all day. This is unusual as I get on the old computer every day.

So I slept all day, wondering how my phone was doing, at least when I wasn’t snoozing. I felt silly for forgetting my phone and also for missing it. No, my phone isn’t fancy. It’s actually around four years old and no internet or fancy gadgets. I use it for calls and texts.

I felt a little better on Friday and actually did some work. No naps. Apparently sleeping approximately 16 hours the day before had solved my need for sleep.

Finally, I departed for Poteau on Friday. I got my phone! It was dead, of course. I plugged it in the charger and checked for all my texts and important phone calls. Hmm, no texts? Only two calls and a voice mail?

What the Marty (My Favorite Martin!) Hinds was going on. I had spent all this time worrying about missing calls and texts and this was it?

Ugh. We went out to eat and after leaving, I noticed a text. Yes, a text! Actually two tests, both from a buddy. She had also called (the two missed calls), but left no message so I planned to call back.

The texts indicated some alarm that I had not answered my phone or updated the web site as much as usual. She even called one of my best buds to make sure I was still alive. I texted back that I had been sick, but was alive and sorta well.

Shortly after, my buddy who had been texted, called to make sure I was not at Dowden’s. Apparently this is what it takes for me to get non-business calls. I assured him that I was okay, just had been sick (and spared the details). No kidnapping or foul play, aside from the illness.

I managed to keep up with my phone overnight and I even got some texts about basketball games last night.

And yes, this morning my phone was right where it should be on the nightstand next to my bed and no calls. Only one text from late telling me I had messed up a name in a story.

Oh well, life goes on. I got my cell right next to me on the desk. It has been quiet but stands ready to handle its business, assuming there is any business that needs taken care of.

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  1. Criagman, if you had an iPhone you would have driven back to get it that night. The addiction is much stronger! My son even has a MobileMe account that will tell him where his iPhone is located if it is lost or stolen. You can actually track your phone driving up I-35! I'm not sure what you do about that - but at least you know. He can tell if he left it at his school, the fieldhouse, the football field, or a friend's house. He can zap all the information off of it even if he doesn't know where it is, and he can sync it wirelessly from any internet connection. I think I just talked myself into buying that MobileMe service.