Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We be streaming

Perhaps, I am a bit out of touch.

Okay, I am a lot out of touch on a lot of things.

But last week, we finally got streaming service at our house.

We were even behind by mother, who was been watching movies and other stuff streamed over the internet for way over a year.

My brother, Brian, upgraded some electronic device and no longer needed his Roku player so we received a hand-Craig-down electronic device.

I had signed up for Amazon Prime back when Trish the Wife purchased me a Kindle Fire for Christmas, but I had not used it much for the video stuff. It was tough for me and my aging eyes to watch movies or anything on something with that small of a screen.

I do enjoy reading on the Fire, though, and do some surfing on it.

After we figured out how to make the Roku work, we looked for something to watch.

And kept looking for something to watch.

That is a big problem in the Hall household. There is a big choice of stuff to watch and it is hard to pull the trigger on one thing, worried there might be a better choice available if you keep going through all the available shows.

For two nights, we watched old horror movies from the 1980s. The first was the original The Fog and the next night we watched Silver Bullet.

Both movies were far scarier than any of the crud which is put out now.

The special effects are not so special and some of the acting is not the best (Think Gary Busey. Enough said). But both movies were still enjoyable to watch.

One thing I did notice quickly was the movies back then did not feel the need to drop a F-bomb every other word. They might throw in a Hoover Dam (take out the Hoover and add an “n” to the last word), but none of the F-this or other words which most directors and writers seem to think need to be included now to qualify for an R-rating.

I also watched a documentary Sunday morning which was very good.

Brian says we need to add Netflix, but there is so much available through Amazon Prime that it will be a while before that is necessary.

You can rent movies which aren’t included among the free stuff available through membership in Prime, including many new releases. The movies cost a little more than they do at Blockbuster, but you don’t have to waste time driving to and from the video store.

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