Monday, June 11, 2012

A trip to Cedar Lake

Trish the Wife and I took four kiddoes to Cedar Lake on Saturday.

It’s hard for me to turn down a trip to Cedar Lake, even on a hot afternoon where there will be lots of people and a lot of noise

I’m still not used to the new access road to the lake, but it would probably be fun to drive in a sports car.

Since two of the little ones were…little, we went to the sandy side.

After we parked, I went to pay and bonus! It was a free day. Nice.

We unloaded all the crud and before Trish and I could even get seated, the little ones were in the lake.

Many others had made the same choice as we had to spend a Saturday afternoon at the lake.

There have been a lot of improvements at Cedar Lake over the years. Just on the sandy side, there is a fishing deck just off to the side and a concrete walkway down to the lake.

There is also some playground equipment to entertain the children when they get tired of swimming. New bathrooms, grills and much more.

Every time I visit Cedar Lake, I remember all the time I have spent there over the years. I remember camping, swimming, jumping off the dock for the first time, fishing with my dad, exploring the trails and so much more.

I can still remember the spot where we camped on a memorable visit back in the fall of 1971. We camped on the dock side and my father and I listened to the OU-Texas football game on an old radio while sitting in lawn chairs.

It took me a while to realize why he got so excited when OU scored or made a big play since I was only eight at the time. It didn’t take me long to figure it out, though.

All four of the kids had a good time, especially the little ones. Trish had gotten some water guns and balls that float on water. The little ones would throw the ball and race to see who could retrieve them first.

Some older kids would climb up on the poles and jump into the water, just like we used to do a long time ago. A couple of the kids hunted for crawdads while dads got out in the water and tossed their kids or took turns splashing and getting splashed.

No video games or phones, for a little while at least. Just summer fun the way it should be.

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