Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Signs, signs...everywhere a sign

Everywhere one goes in LeFlore County, it isn’t the Scissortail Flycatcher or the wildflowers that catches our eyes.


It is the campaign signs urging us to vote for this political candidate or that political candidate.

I try to ignore them, and do for the most part. But they are still irritating.

And do they work? Would somebody actually vote for a person just because they saw his or her campaign sign?

I can just image somebody driving down the road and they see a colorful sign. “Lookie there, woman!” the man says while pausing to spit in his spit can. “Now that there’s a pretty sign! I’m a gonna vote for him (or her)!”

Maybe that happens. Let’s hope not.

I know, the signs are for name recognition. Political candidates and their supporters feel like the more signs they have out, the better chance they have to win the upcoming election.

The only people winning from all the signs are the sign makers.

I would love to see some town or city ban all political signs. It won’t happen since the people making those decisions will probably have to post similar signs for the next election.

But it would be nice.

Maybe I am in the minority, but I have never and hopefully will never vote for somebody because of a sign.

I prefer to vote for the person who makes the best impression and believes in the same things I do, not because they have the most signs or the prettiest sign.

And we still have the phone calls, both recorded and live, from the candidates and their supporters urging us to vote for their favorite candidate to look forward to as we move closer to the election on June 26.

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