Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Today's the day

Decisions, decisions!

Or actually, a decision. Today is a big day for one Matt Webb and James Lockhart.

Voters in most of LeFlore County will decide whether they want Webb or Lockhart to move forward in the bid for the Dist. 3 House seat to face Rep. Roger Mattox in the general election on Nov. 2.

A light turnout is expected as voters will only cast a vote for either Lockhart or Webb, the two Democrats who survived a six-person primary election at the end of July.

And you can discuss this issue HERE on the Journal forum.

So…who to vote for? Several people have asked who I will cast my vote on. I’m not saying, and surprised anybody would actually care.

Typically, there is a candidate I really hope wins and one who I pray does not, except for the recent presidential election when I hoped there would be a surprise write-in candidate.

Both Webb and Lockhart are capable candidates the county should be proud to have representing them. Neither one has ran a campaign where the primary goal was to sling mud at the other candidate.

Obviously they both want the position or they would not have spent so much time and money campaigning

It has made a rather boring campaign, but one that is refreshing. These are the type of representatives we need in Oklahoma City, one who runs on their own merits instead of making negative statements on the other.

I expect to see the same thing in the months leading up to November. Sure, there will be the whole Democrat vs. Republican thing, but I don’t expect there will be any personal attacks on the other candidate then, either.

And the winner of tonight’s vote, or Mattox, will be a good representative for our county. The winner will work hard for us and do the right thing.

This isn’t a good time to be in office with the economy in the sludge pile. There are difficult decisions which will have to be made, some many of us might not agree with. But Webb, Lockhart or Mattox will do the right thing and not let the office tempt them to do the wrong thing, which we have seen happen to way too many politicians.

So whoever you favor, be sure and vote today. If your favorite candidate does not win, it isn’t the end of the world. The sun will rise tomorrow (and probably put off a lot of heat) and the other candidates will do a good job for us.

And yes, I am Craig Hall and I approved this message.

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