Friday, August 6, 2010

25 questions about Craig

So, a friend of mine answered one of those 25 question things on Facebook about one Craig Hall. As a public service and because I know you want to know more about me, I decided to pass this on.

NOTICE: She is happily married so that obviously skewed some of her answers. Her answer is in caps and bold, mine follows. I am, of course, the CH, but was too lazy to type out my name that many times. I did delete a few of the questions because they were silly, like anything on Facebook could be silly.

1. Do you think CH would make a good spouse? YES—I have had plenty of practice.
2. Would CH do community service voluntarily? YES—of course.
3. Is CH smarter than you? YES—uh, whatever.
4. Have you ever had a crush on CH? NO—what? Oh yeah, she is married.
5. Do you think CH still wet the bed in 6th grade? NO—I quit the summer going into sixth grade.
6. Is CH profile picture ugly? NO—remember, this is a friend.
7. Does CH like blue eyes? YES—Wrong, I never cared for Frank Sinatra.
8. Has CH ever lied to you? NO—cool.
9. Would CH sell you out for a million dollars? NO—uh…my limit is $1 million and a penny.
10. Is CH a good driver? YES—except when my attention wanders
11. Have you ever fantasized about CH? NO—She was obviously afraid her husband would read this. Right? Right?
12. Do you think CH watches porn? NO—Of course and...was this now or in my lifetime?
13. Would CH help an elderly lady cross the street? YES—Especially if it saved time so I could drive through the intersection
14. Was CH a dork in high school? NO—Smart woman!
15. Would CH ditch a date? NO—as hard as it was for me to get one…
16. Would CH look good in tights? NO—Hmm, she obviously has never seen me in tights. Then again, I have never seen me in tights.
17. Does CH like brownies? YES—but not pizza.
18. Would CH look good in a mini-skirt? YES—but not tights? Now if it was one of those Scottish things…
19. Would you skinny dip with CH? NO—uh…
20. Has CH showered today? YES—sorry, I haven’t! But I will in approximately 15 minutes!

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