Monday, August 16, 2010

Farewell Freddie

The news hit me like a well-aimed shot to the stomach.

A friend called and said Freddie Cox had died Monday evening. I was watching one of my favorite shows on television, but turned it off to find out what happened and hopefully hear that it was wrong.

It wasn’t. Freddie had passed away in a Fort Smith hospital. He had suffered a rough stretch, made even worse after a long bout with pneumonia.

I’m not sure how long I knew Freddie, probably most of my life. He was one of the good ones, a person always ready with a smile and a handshake.

He gave more to LeFlore County and Heavener than anybody could expect. If there was an event going on, Freddie and Sue were usually there. It could be a sporting event, a chamber deal or just a group of people getting together, but they were usually there.

And he always had time to make his way around and visit with everybody. Some would say it was because he was a county commissioner and his position dictated that Freddie talk to everybody.

But I don’t think that was it. I think he enjoyed people. That is a good quality in a person. He also enjoyed helping others. Freddie was involved with the Heavener Lions Club for years and could usually be found manning the cake walk.

I could be wrong, but I never saw him mad or vindictive at anybody. I also never heard him say a bad thing about anybody.

He preferred to just be Freddie.

I have always believed a person should be remembered for the good the person does. Freddie left Heavener and LeFlore County a much better place than it would have been without him.

He did lose his final two races: against Ceb Scott for county commissioner and to an illness, but Freddie Cox left us as a winner. Farewell Freddie, you will be missed.

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