Sunday, August 22, 2010

Long and hot day at the Classic

You may be wondering just how I spent my Saturday. Then again, you may not.

But I am going to share it with you, anyway. Unlike the disaster which was last Saturday when my truck broke down at McDonald’s, I had to walk over a mile in flip flops to get home AND a friend’s dog pee pee’d on me, etc., I was a dedicated softball watcher this Saturday.

Shortly after noon, I went to watch the final day of the Lady ‘Back Classic at Panama. Poteau was in the winners’ bracket finals while Panama and Pocola were still alive.

After it rained yesterday morning, the start date was pushed back to the early afternoon. I soon discovered it was humid, bad humid. And hot, too!

That was during my walk to the truck, which fortunately seems to be okay after the previous problems. I picked up my buddy, Andy Perdue, who is still considered a friend even though it was his puppy, Reo, who used me as his personal urine pad.

The first games were running a little late and I noticed again that it was hot. Good thing I used deodorant before I left home, eh? Or did I? Then I figured out it probably wouldn’t make much difference.

As a journalist, I am supposed to be neutral. With county teams Panama and Pocola getting beaten out early in the day (both in 1-0 losses to Smithville), I was hoping for a sweep by Poteau against Red Oak so I could catch some AC and also a Saturday afternoon nap. The wife was also wanting to go eat at the Barn thing at Rock Island.

It started out well as Poteau smashed Red Oak, 5-0. I had visions of an early return home to catch some cool air and get bit by our puppy, Molly. There was an elimination game between Red Oak and Smithville to watch before getting to the finals.

I found some shade and watched Red Oak smash Smithville, glad the Lady Eagles had not played this well against Poteau.

Finally the championship game started. Along with the many Poteau fans in attendance, I was hoping for a quick game, one with the Lady Pirates on top.

Sadly, Poteau came out flat. Red Oak scored two runs early and the Lady Pirates’ bats were as cold as I wanted to be. Ugh, another game.

I was almost even put on the disabled list! A parent tried to throw a Gatorade bottle over the fence to one of the players. He did not get enough height on the throw and the bottle hit the fence and bounced back, landing on my hand.

“Ouch!” I wanted to yell, or something else with four letters. But I showed my toughness and did not allow the pain to show. Craig the gamer! I didn’t even rub dirt on my wound.

The breeze which had worked earlier to keep the BO in check had disappeared, replaced by more humidity. Sitting in the shade was a priority, fortunately no fights broke out.

Poteau came alive in the final game and won, 3-0. Poteau fan and mother, Carol Vise, made a fine observation: “We all stink.”

Yes, we did. Soon, it started smelling like a cow pasture. Several of the girls noticed it and asked, “What is that smell?” I blamed it on Andy, er, Coach Perdue. Hopefully, it wasn’t just me. After sitting out in the 100 plus degree temperature and stifling humidity, deodorant prescribed by a doctor would not have done the trick.

“I’m even sweating between my fingers,” I said, for some reason I don’t recall.

Luckily the game was over quickly, thank goodness for fastpitch! Andy asked if I was going to take any pictures of the award presentation. Not this time, I said, as we rushed to the truck and a little relief thanks to the AC.

Upon returning home, the wife warned me not to get close. Luckily, Molly was glad to see me, but then again, she is a dog and likes things that smell bad.

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