Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tips don't help!

Sometimes I admit, I watch the Early Show on CBS.

This is usually during breakfast and I don’t want anything to distract from eating. Usually, the show is lite news, you know less filling and doesn’t taste all that great.

But there is nothing better on, except for ESPN.

So I watch good old Harry, Maggie, the new pregnant woman and Dave, the irritating weather guy who tries to be funny but fails badly.

I like Harry and Maggie, who must have a huge baby growing inside her based on her growth over the last month.

This morning, they featured an Oklahoma couple where the hubby watched chick flicks with his wife for 30-straight days.

They also had a famous chef who I have never heard of cook something I wouldn’t eat if I was starving and the other other food was bark and rocks.

But they did feature five ways to be happier and because I want everybody to be happy, I wanted to share these tips with my fine readers.

Hang on, I can’t find my notes. That was how important that was. Oh, there they are!

1. Be grateful! They encouraged people to write letters to people who have done something good, even if you don’t send them. Serious. Hey, Ralph was nice to me the other night and drove me around, I am going to show my appreciation to him and write him a letter or email, but then not send it! I tried this. It didn’t make me any happier. Just wasted five minutes of my very valuable time. Kind of like this blog.

2. Be optimistic! I always try to be optimistic and see the glass half full instead of half empty. I am looking at my glass right now and sadly, it is empty. But wait, I can get some pop and it will be full! At least until I drink it. Hmm, the happy level remains the same.

3. Count your blessings. Okay, they are counted. The happy level tilted for a second and then came back to the previous level. Although I am blessed greatly. I could live in Haiti, oops, that just depressed me.

4. Use your strengths. Hmm, strengths? Which strengths? Hey, I am writing which I consider a strength but others probably feel is a serious weakness. I could mow except the grass is still dormant or pet a dog, except they are muddy and tend to jump up on me and then I would have to change clothes again. No help, sorry.

5. Commit acts of kindness. I said good morning to a stranger at the post office this morning! She ignored me. I fed and watered the dogs. They were so appreciative they ignored me and went right to the food. I texted a friend good morning and got a rude response. Eek, the happy level is tilting downward, rather quickly I might add.

But wait, I do feel happier! The Early Show is over and I won’t have to listen to Dave the irritating weather guy for another day! Yes!

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