Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Poteau choir was awesome

Most of the time, I do not listen or pay as much attention as I should when the Star Spangled Banner is played before a sporting event.

Usually, I am in the process of getting ready to take pictures, but do stand and listen to the music.

Most of it is the same old stuff, recorded music or some with lyrics. Sometimes, students or local residents will sing.

Tuesday night was a far different experience. Prior to Panama’s games at Poteau, there was a delay as a bunch of students made their way on to the court.

I was talking to a few coaches and wondered what was going on. That changed when the group started singing.

It was the Poteau High School choir and it was a performance far different from any I have had the pleasure of hearing.

They were great. Anybody who paid to come see a basketball game got to see a performance before the game started that was better than anything during the basketball game.

I am not a music critic. I can usually hear when something is wrong or bad. There did not appear to be anything off key or missing a beat during the choir’s performance.

It gave me goosebumps and that usually does not happen. I remember Whitney Houston’s performance prior to a Super Bowl that everybody talks about, but for me, it was not as good as what I heard Tuesday night.

For the singers and directors of the Poteau High School choir, you should be proud. Your performance is one that I and hopefully everybody else will remember for a long time.

I only wish I had a recording of it.


  1. I totally agree and am proud to say that choir is from Poteau High School! I said to the person sitting next to me "Why haven't they done that before tonight?" They were awesome.

  2. Poteau should be proud of their High School Choir. They are recognized as one of the best in the state