Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The case of the tinkling texter...

I consider myself a fairly observant person.

For some reason, I notice things some people don’t or wish they didn’t.

And for some other reason, I feel inclined to point it out to whoever is unlucky enough to be in my presence.

If there is something strange or weird, I notice it, by gosh. A few years ago, I was driving on I-540 to Fayetteville and saw an Emu walking along the road.

And if dogs are doing something like mating, I always have to point that out. Most people don’t care what the dogs are doing or that I point it out.

If somebody does something irritating, like snorting all the time, I usually pick that up as well. If a person has a tick, I’m aware of that by the second flinch.

No, I don’t like that. Besides of it getting on my nerves, I want to ask the person to quit. I don’t, but wish I could.

I was watching HGTV Home Hunters the other day. A couple was looking at the houses to decide which one to buy. This was actually the traditional husband and wife, not two guys who look like they wish they were holding hands and skipping.

Anyway, they had a little baby named Jenson, or something like that which made me feel sorry for the kid. Every room of every house, the mother/wife had to make some comment about whether it would be good or bad for JENSON.

Geez, the kid is still pooping in his diapers! If I was the hubby or realtor, I’d have less hair than I already do. Then again, if I was the hubby, the kid’s name would not be Jenson. That’s just asking for the kid to get beaten up until he turns to an emo.

Of course, I don’t have any bad habits…

I also think I am pretty good at doing different things. Sometimes this gets a little confusing. But I saw something at Wally’s the other day that impressed the heck out of me.

I visited the restroom to do my bidness. I saw a man at the urinal and in addition to what a guy does while standing at a urinal, he was texting. Talk about your multi-tasking! He was a tinkling texter.

Yeah, I was so impressed I wanted to commend him on his command of time management. I didn’t, of course, because he did not look like the kind of guy who would understand the term “time management”, plus it’s a guy thing. You don’t talk to people when you are doing the urinal thing.

There is always the possibility he might get distracted and turn, aiming his flow right at the speaker. No, that is not good. Plus, it is a time for self. You know, private time. A person can greet another person on the way in or out, but not while one is at a urinal.

I don’t even answer the phone while at a urinal. That has saved me many missed call explanations. All you have to say when a person asks why you didn’t answer the phone was you were using the bathroom. Try it, this works!

You just have to come up for a good reason why you did not return the call before they call back to see why you didn’t answer the phone the first time.

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  1. Craig, you sound a lot like your Uncle Jon, may he rest in peace. I roomed with Jon in college for a semester and he was quite the psychologist, always analyzing the things I did.