Monday, February 1, 2010

Styling...or not

My female friend made a comment the other day.

Actually, she makes comments every day. But anyway, that day she apparently did not like the way I was dressed and said my clothes did not match.

I was wearing baggy jeans, old running shoes, a red shirt under a purple wind shirt, or whatever they are called.

For some reason, she said red and purple do not match. What?

I thought I looked, well, not stunning, but rather normal. Perhaps that is the problem.

I have been dressing myself most of my 46 years and have a style that is my own. As long as the clothes are reasonably clean, don’t have enough wrinkles to look like the waves off a lake, I’m okay with that.

Others do not agree. Now I can dress up and have done that most of my working days. But my choice of clothing, when given, amounts to shirt, jeans and running shoes. Yes, I do go with the accessories like socks and…you know.

This is not the first time I have been informed my clothes did not match. Sadly, this is a common theme. I have not had people I do not know tell me that, but have been given a few stares before with the “Your clothes don’t match” look.

What I want to know is how the colors of clothing are supposed to match. Is there like a grand color chart located only where females and gay guys (not that there is anything wrong with that) know about? I have had a guy who is not homesexual even tell me my clothes didn’t match! Something to do with black socks, brown shoes and light brown slacks, along with a brown belt.

Argh! So, I want to see this advisory telling people what matches and what doesn’t! And I also want to know who decides what matches.

I want in. I want to decide what matches and what doesn’t, so the next time somebody says something I wear doesn’t match, I can pull out the chart and show them that they are wrong. Or more likely, show them they are right but it isn’t any of their business how I dress.

I have seen people wear things I don’t think look all that good, and not just at Walmart. I did make a brief appearance at Walmart last night and saw a female sporting a hairdon’t that was sort of spiked and some shade between red and pink that I didn’t approve of. I actually acted like I was looking at something and took a picture of her to share with friends!

My female friend also feels inclined to point out that most of the shirts I wear have a hole or two. It’s not like they are over the nipples or anything, so I don’t feel I am offensive or anything, not that I think my moobs are offensive. But now I have to thoroughly check my clothing to make sure I don’t get nailed for having a hole. In my shirt, that is.

In the cold weather we have been not enjoying lately, I prefer the layered look. Usually I can take off enough shirts to find one that is hole free. But then I have to worry if all the different layers match.

And no, I am not color blind. Just style blind, I guess.

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  1. Hey, Craig. Don't worry about it. The ones who love you don't care what you wear and the ones who don't, don't count anyway. At this stage of the game I'm not as concerned about whether or not my shoes match my clothes, as whether my shoes match each other.