Monday, November 30, 2009

A few confessions

In order to be a better person, I have a few confessions for you readers. No, I am not Catholic and have not done anything bad.

I try to be a modern guy, but I fail badly.

My cell phone is like four years old and gasp…does not have internet access! I can’t send or receive emails on my phone! I remember when people survived without a cell phone glued to their ear or thumbing away sending a text message.

I get irritated when I go somewhere and all you see are people talking or texting on their phone. Is this necessary?

I didn’t even text until a few months ago. Now, I do. Is life any better? Actually, it is much better, but it doesn't have anything to do with texting.

I can and sometimes do go all day without turning on the computer or checking one of my ten zillion email accounts, but not as often since I started the LeFlore County Journal (established September of 2009!).

I’m not real good on this social networking stuff either. I don’t even check my myspace account! My last status update was over a month ago and was a joke to get people to watch a video where some guy screamed into the screen to scare them.

I don’t know when I last updated my facebook account. I do check to see if anybody has anything interesting to say. But I must admit I do not care what people are doing when they aren’t doing anything worth mentioning since that is usually what I am doing and don’t feel the need to pass that information on. Boy, that was a wordy sentence. I have yet to see anybody say they are fixing to have a bowel movement, or just got through with a good one.

Some people really enjoy this facebook stuff and have thousands of friends. I have like 150 or so. Some of the people are friends, others are people I once knew and there is a group of people who requested my friendship for some reason I have yet to figure out. But I still friend them!

At least until they irritate me or update which silly game they have been playing too much. I do like the technology which allows me to hide some people’s messages or updates. But I don’t let on who I hide.

Does that make me mean or bad? Probably, but that is life.

I do use facebook and twitter to send messages to the people who read the LeFlore County Journal. I try not to send too many updates and I fail to inform anybody of a trip to or from the bathroom.

I was so glad when VCR’s went out of style. I never could figure out how to record on those things. DVR’s are much nicer! Now I just have to delete the stuff that has been recorded that I never meant to record.

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