Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just wondering...

Okay, I was just wondering…

* When do I get my babyback ribs? When the liquor by the drink deal was passed a few months ago, the fine people of LeFlore County were led to believe it was a matter of letting people drink the hard stuff in a dining establishment and the big boys would come to the county.

Remember? Chili’s, Applebee’s, etc. Hey, I want my babyback ribs? Where are they? Is it because the economy is struggling or was there ever any indication the larger chains would consider coming to LeFlore County or Poteau?

But hey, we are getting a Holiday-Inn Express (insert your lame Holiday-Inn Express joke here, like I did in yesterday's blog).

Hmmm, my inquiring mind wants to know.

* What’s the status of the county tournament? Mainly, where will it be played this January? I have not heard anything lately, so if you know the scoop, let me know.

From the people I have talked with, playing at UAFS was a great experience for the fans and the players. It was first-class. Nobody had to stand in the end zones and smell the body odor of everybody within 10 feet of them.

Now, I have not heard how crazy the fans of Talihina were about this. As you know, Talihina is not just a hop, skit and a jump to the Fort. That is a long trip. And since the Talihina boys are likely to be playing in the finals, I am sure they are interested in this.

But you also have to look at tradition. The county tournament was played at Carl Albert for so long that fathers and sons have shared that experience. But Carl Albert lost some seating during a renovation last year and is not big enough to handle the crowds, not that it was before.

One coach expressed some fear that the host school from now on would host the finals. Uh, I have no problems with small schools and tiny gyms, but is that the best for our county tournament, probably the best in the state? I think not.

The best thing that could have happened was Poteau building a civic center big enough to host the county, area and regional tournaments, but…Now, if the county tournament is played in Fort Smith, just think how much sales tax money is going across the state line.

*It has not been a good year for the county football teams. Only three teams from the county will probably make the playoffs and only one (Talihina) will get to play at home in the first round of the playoffs.

Is there hope for the future? Poteau has some good talent in the seventh and eighth grades. Heavener is looking good in the younger grades while Talihina will be loaded again next year.

Spiro also has some good young talent. But will next year be better? Only time will tell.

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  1. I read somewhere where the early rounds of the county tournament will be at Arkoma, but don't about the finals. If things went well at Fort Smith last year, it will probly be there by default. Sorry, Talihina. - Jim Patterson