Thursday, October 29, 2009

Almost time to hoop it up

Pardon me for being a little excited today.

I must state that I love high school football, even when the weather gets cold and wet. But I don’t like it as much as when the weather is good.

So now the weather is going south for the winter, it must mean basketball season is here. And it is, starting Monday.

Yes! I also love basketball. High school or college basketball, I enjoy both. I don’t really care for professional basketball until the playoffs start, the same as pro football and baseball.

But I simply dig basketball. No more standing out in the rain when the temperatures drive most sane people into a warm home. I have never gotten cold or wet at a basketball game. I have, of course, walking to and from a game, but never inside.

I have gotten a little warm a few times at a basketball game and sweated, but it still beats freezing.

That is why I am more than just a little pumped. Basketball is almost here! Carl Albert plays at home Monday, so does Howe.

Football fans, don’t fear. We will still cover football on Fridays and still provide the same coverage you have hopefully gotten used to seeing in the Journal. But now, there will be coverage of high-school basketball, hopefully lots of coverage.

That is if we get results from the games by coaches, fans, parents or whoever. I hope to have all the results from every game. That won’t happen, of course, but that is what I hope to see.

So you basketball coaches and fans, report your games. Let us know what happened and we will post information about the game. It is really simple, just send an email to if you can, or call. If you want to call, the number is listed in the contact information on the Journal or I will give it to you.

Instead of eight teams competing in football, there are 26 teams (counting boys and girls high schools) plus Carl Albert’s two teams.

We will have game coverage two or three nights a week and will cover Carl Albert. I have always felt Carl Albert did not get nearly as much coverage as it should. Hopefully this will change. The Vikings and Lady Vikings play good basketball and if you like hoops, go catch a game, or two, three or however many you can.

I would also appreciate if you spread the word about the Journal. A lot of people in the smaller towns, and many in the larger ones, aren’t aware of us yet. So any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Here is the LINK. All you have to do is click, copy the address and add it to emails to your friends.

This is your web site. I just manage it. So let everybody in the county and former residents know about the Journal. And provide me with information and photos from the basketball games and whatever else is going on.

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