Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween ends soon!

Well, Halloween is here Saturday.

Duh? You say, or think. Hey, I wasn’t trying to break some big story or anything, that was my lead into a blog.

This is the day where everybody can dress up as ghouls, goblins or President Obama. As if.

Most businesses will let their workers do some kind of Halloween costume today. I rarely took advantage of this. It’s not that I am against Halloween, I’m not. I remember getting my share of Halloween goodies over the year. Great fun, huh?

Of course, back when I was a Halloweener (is that a word?), it was fairly safe. Nobody put razor blades in apples or gave away candy that was poisoned. We could safely go from neighborhood to neighborhood and not worry about get snatched by some crazy.

Now, most parents won’t allow their children to go next door without going with them. And back then, Halloween was not an excuse to egg houses or throw pumpkins at passing vehicles.

It is scary to drive through the better off neighborhoods. I’m not afraid of the decorations or costumes, just plowing into one of the little ones.

I flipped around the channels the other night and a good share of them had scary movies showing. Most of them are not scary. You want me to be scared? Force me to watch “Dancing with the Stars!”

Now that show raised goose bumps when I actually watched it one night. In the old days, I would probably be stoned and buried under heavy rocks.

Even Larry King is airing a special on ghosts. I don’t believe in ghosts, or vampires. I have never seen either, even though one television sometimes switches channels on its own.

I have watched some of the ghost hunters, or whatever they are called. Scare me? I don’t think so. Seeing Paula Abdul in HD? There should be a disclaimer or some kind of warning.

What about the movie “Twilight”? Weak, not the least bit scary. I just wanted them to get a tan. I am not into guys, of course, but why anybody would think the guy lead was attractive scares me.

I was in a video store the other night. Naturally, there was an entire section for horror movies. I didn’t rent one, but did look at some of the titles. Many of the videos advertised they were offering both the theatrical version and the UNRATED! version, promising parts that could not be shown in the theater.

I figure most of these movies went straight to the video store.

The economy? Finally, we found something truly scary.

Luckily, the Halloween madness ends Saturday night, just when the time changes and everybody shows up early for church or work.

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  1. If only the scariness of our country going down the tubes could end at midnight on October 31st!