Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The JH LCT and ugh

Alas, this is a multi-topic blog so please forgive me for my ADT today, or whatever it is called.

First off, the junior high LCT basketball tournament is being held this week at several different locations. Here is the link to the brackets.

The junior high (actually 8th grade tournament) is awesome, in case you have not experienced it. No, it does not get the attention the actual LCT gets, but if you can, check it out. The tournament draws big crowds and the semifinals and finals later this week will draw huge crowds at CASC.

Last year was the first time I watched or covered the event and found it just as fun and almost as exciting as the LCT. I will remember Poteau’s Gabe Neal scoring his first basket probably longer than I will the play in the LCT and wrote a blog about the night.

I just wish we had something like this back when I was playing eighth grade basketball for the might Wolves. We were actually good that year and only lost one game to Doug Stone and Poteau in the semifinals of a tournament at Hodgens. We kind of went down after that, however.

So if you get a chance, go see the tournament. You won’t regret it.


Now for the second part of this blog and I apologize if this offends anybody as it is not related to the Journal in any way, shape or form.

This was my last post on my Facebook page on 12-13-2010: I would like to thank everybody for their requests to play farmville, frontierville and takeapoopville, but I do not have the time or interest so please stop with the invitations. Thanks.

I was not trying to be mean or clever, just letting people know that I don’t have the time or want to play all these silly games. If you want to play them, knock yourself out. Just don’t invite me because I will ignore the request and eventually block the app.

But sadly, that did not help. I had seven likes on the topic including comments! Wow! But this morning, I ventured over to my Facebook page and saw I had invites for the following games: Family Feud, ESPN the University, Family Life and…Sorority Life?

Somebody actually thought I would like to play Sorority Life? Egads. So I took a few minutes and tried to block the suckers. This is the comment Facebook responds with when one tries to block the app: Blocking (insert name of stupid game) will prevent others from sending you invitations (YES!) and requests for this app and will prevent the app from getting info about you (GREAT!).

And that is bad? I saw Facebook is now worth over $50 billion. Surely it isn’t from all these stupid games like Millionnaire City, which draws 12.3 million people a day, Happy Pets (I am not making this up) which somehow wastes the time of 5.9 million people a day or Monster World, another 5.5 million.

Just think, if all the people would get together and focus on economic recovery, we would no longer be in a recession. Or…maybe not.


  1. I agree about the game invitations, Craig. I just don't have time for it, either. Takeapoopville, hmm, haven't heard of that one. LOL

  2. Next time you get one of those invitations, hover over the post, click on the [X] in the right-hand corner, click on "Hide all by Farmville" (or whatever app invited you) and they will disappear from your wall. Easy fix. You have to do that for each app tho, but only once. They need a privacy page that lets you check or uncheck app invites tho.