Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Heads up!

As if we don’t have enough to worry about…
This morning, I am dreading the thought of going outside to get my newspaper, assuming it was delivered.

There is the Arctic temperatures to deal with and some dreaded “black ice” might be lurking around to try and send my body to the ground in a hurtful way.

Now, we have to worry about falling objects landing on our noggin?

According to news reports a meteor landed near Poteau Mountain last night! Honest! Here is a link to the story on CBS News!

Egad! Reports say the meteor was seen all the way to the Florida coast. The firey ball was plainly seen throughout the area and even captured the attention of a Little Rock television station. Gosh, strange news, huh? Kinda like the Poteau Daily News' lovefest for AES, you ask? Not that strange.

Great! Now, in addition to watching out for black ice, I have to keep my eye out for meteors. One so-called expert said the meteor was about the size of a pebble.

Hmm, a pebble? How can people hundreds of miles away see a flaming pebble descending through the sky?

The expert also said since the meteor was green (?), it was probably filled with copper. Hear that copper thieves around here? Don’t steal any more copper from air conditioners! Just go find the meteor and you can get your copper fill.

Oh yeah, it was only the size of a pebble. Never mind. But I do feel like we should undertake a massive manhunt for the pebble. We can park the meteor at the Runestone State Park and bring in tourists to see a rock with Viking writing on it and a meteor!

Wow. I shiver in excitement. Heck, that might bring in enough tourists and money we could have some kind of lift so the old folks don’t wheeze and tire out on the walk back up the hill.

Hopefully we can get witnesses to verify the claim and point searchers in the right direction. Maybe one of our numerous wildlife cameras stationed out in the boonies actually took a picture of the meteor.

I wonder what kind of noise a pebble-sized meteor makes as it comes to the ground? Is it quiet? I imagine it making a noise like somebody with greasy gas pains.

Also, what is the proper etiquette if one sees a meteor headed toward another person? In golf, one shouts “fore!” if a golf ball is headed toward somebody. But what if it is a meteor? I just don’t see “fore!” doing the job and you can’t say, “Pardon me! But I believe a meteor is about to put a dent in your bohunkus!” I guess “Oh #%$^!” would be the appropriate wordage.

So…all of you can begin the meteor hunt. You know, right now! I will await word of this great undertaking while trying to get up the courage to bring in my paper.

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