Friday, September 24, 2010

A multi-topic blog

If you choose to read today’s blog, be prepared for a multi-topic blog!

The Poteau Kiwanis Club was apparently hurting for speakers yesterday and the Craigman was invited to take part.

Apparently this was my boss Lyle Whitworth’s chance to get even with the Kiwanis for serving as program coordinator and asked if I would speak about the Journal.

I agreed. Most of the speakers are fairly good. Some are entertaining and others are informative. Then there are some that do the “uh…” and stutter a bit.

I was determined not to stutter and to keep it quick. I even won the Lucky Buck from my old math teacher, Mr. Marvin Watson.

Mary Fallin (candidate for governor) was speaking in the next room and her group were making way too much noise. I feared some of the Kiwanians probably wished they were listening to the possible next governor of Oklahoma instead of the publisher of a web site they had probably not heard anything about.

I felt relieved only two people left before my speech. But, they didn’t know I was the guest speaker and do not feel the two events are related in any way, shape or fashion.

Finally, without anything else to do, they asked for me to speak. I expected the people to be eyeing their watches and yawning after a hearty Sizzlin lunch, but because of the quick nature of my speech, I either did not notice or they were good actors.

I talked about the Journal, how it started and what we do. I even handed out a handout! One listener actually called up the Journal on his smart phone and showed several others the site!

I wrapped up my little speech probably before my allotted 15 minutes, not that anybody seemed to care. Several people asked questions! No, really. They actually did seem interested in the Journal, or they could not hear what I was saying and were listening to the speech from next door.


Our Molly is losing her ability to reproduce today. I worry about her but feel good that we will never have a slew of Molly replicas running about.

One Molly is all we can handle. I have never been around a puppy who wants to play constantly. Molly is a little Cocker Spaniel who is a bundle of energy. She has figured out the whole digging thing and we now have several ankle sprainable holes in the backyard.

Because of the operation, she can’t eat or drink. Molly keeps walking over and looking at her dish and looking at me like why can’t I get off my lazy rear and get her some grub and drink. Or something like that.

She also decided to run down the road the other day to join some kids playing. I had to chase her, not a good decision. Fortunately one of the kids grabbed her and brought her some of the way back.

Molly has also developed a keen interest in cats. She can’t figure out why they don’t want to play and the whole hiss action when she gets too close.


The wife put up a new shower liner for our shower. It is see-through and I accused her of using that one so she could see my nudeness glistening under the stream of Wister Lake water.

The response? No comment.


We have feasted at the new Almost Italy restaurant a couple of times now. The food is good, as is the service and surroundings, plus it is only a few blocks from the homestead.

I am a spaghetti with meat sauce kinda guy. Pretty good stuff, I must write.


And that’s the rest of the blog, as Paul Harvey would say if he was still alive and wrote a blog.


  1. And also as Paul Harvey would say, "Good DAY!"

  2. And I say, keep up the good work. Letting people know about the LCJ personally is the best way to get the word out!