Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Journal turns 1

There was no birthday card, lit candle or the Happy Birthday song.

But none was expected. There was a birthday last week without any fanfare.

Your LeFlore County Journal had its one-year birthday last week.

The Journal started publishing last year at that time and made it to one year without closing the doors, although technically we have no doors to close.

Our first event to cover last year was Mena’s football game at Poteau. From that point on, the Journal has published most days, although the weekends sometimes get a break.

Since our marketing budget is a big donut (aside from business cards that need updated), most of the advertising has been from word of mouth and from one person sharing it with another, who, you know.

We have had feature stories, news events, sports from around the state and a bunch of obituary notices.

Back when we started the Journal, it looked pretty much the way it does today, without as much content, of course.

Our goal from the first was to provide fair and balanced coverage for the county, from the largest town and school to the smallest. We can’t make all the events, especially since your Journal publisher also has a side job, but luckily we have had a lot of help from people contributing stories and events.

During the past year, we have covered sporting events in towns throughout the county and even traveled to Hennessey, Muskogee and McAlester. We have seen some great games (last year’s football game between Wagoner and Poteau was probably the best) and covered some that were a little on the lopsided side.

Fortunately, we have a good group of coaches, administrators, school personnel, fans and players who have helped out considerably.

In addition to stories, we have had a bunch of pictures in the Journal. Some I would consider good, others that were okay.

Our biggest advantage from day one is how quick we can publish the stories and pictures. We frequently have the stories and pictures published the same night the event takes place, whether it is election coverage or a football, basketball, baseball or softball game.

Unlike the traditional newspapers, our readers don’t have to wait until the next day or week to read about events happening in the county.

There is no way to thank all the readers, contributors, advertisers and supporters personally, but you will never know how much you are appreciated.

We hope the Journal continues to grow and improve. Your advice, suggestions and help are always welcome. So again, thank you.