Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hijacked by Molly!

Hi everybody! This is Molly, Craig’s new puppy writing this thing! Again, it is simply Molly. Not Mollypop or Mollybygolly. Geez.

Now you might be asking how I can write this down, since I am a puppy. Well, don’t.

Craig is off working at whatever a job is, so I decided to write a blog and let everybody meet me. I know Craig wrote one of these blog things a couple of weeks ago, but he didn’t capture my true essence.

First off, I am a little black cocker spaniel. I like to eat (human food! Dog food tastes like ground up horse meat, if you ask me!) I also like to play for hours on end, especially when my people are trying to do something. Tee hee, it's great fun! They should have thought about that before they brought me home.

I don’t actually need that much attention, but it is fun to make them toss a toy for hours on end just to try and keep me entertained. It’s actually a little boring, to tell the truth.

We are still having a battle for control of the house. The people think they are in control but I am taking over a little bit more each day. Don’t believe me? Who decides how much sleep the people get? I do! It’s amazing how one little bark or whimper will wake a human, especially the bald dude.

They hurt my feelings last night. The people let me sleep with them and I had to tinkle and did so in the bed. I didn’t mean anything by it. Yeah, let’s see them hold their pee pee all night if they had a bladder the size of a pecan.

For that little incident, I was banished back to my cage for the rest of the night. That just wasn’t fair! And when I protested, they told me to be quiet!

The nerve. I acted like I was happy to see them this morning, but I was just glad to get out of the cage and I snuck in a pee spot on the carpet, hoping one of them would step in it. They did! Success!

The bald guy calls me a fart sniffer. I object to that term. I can’t help it! He does it too much and I have to find out where it is coming from. He’s just lucky I investigate and don’t go into attack mode.

I felt bad last night. See, I like to bite Trish in the nose. It’s great fun, you should try it some time! My little puppy teeth are sharp as razors. But I missed and cut her face. She wouldn’t play with me the whole night after that. So I got my revenge in the bed!

Ha ha! You should have seen them scramble up out of the bed. It was like two in the morning. I didn’t know old people like that could move so fast! All it takes is a little wee wee and it was like they were attacked by a bunch of spiders.

I would also like to point out that I am not scared of other animals, despite what you might have heard. I am a little dog (duh!) and every animal they put around me is like, huge (except for that little weenie dog from the Perdue household)! Especially that bulldog who lives next door.

One other complaint: they expect me to go outside IN THE RAIN to use the bathroom! As if! I would say it’s not like they do it, but then again the bald guy did while trying to get me to go. He must have been born in a barn, or Heavener. I sat under the roof and stayed dry. There’s plenty of places to tinkle inside! And I don’t even have to get wet.

It’s about time for a nap so I can be well rested when the people get home. They will be tired. I won’t. See ya!

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