Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A visit to Craig's mailbox!

We haven’t done it in a while, so let’s visit Craig’s mailbox!

Yeah! First on the list this morning is Remove mold from my home! Just what I want to think about at 6:30 this fine morning.

Coming in a distant second: Asian singles! I must admit that I did not read the contents of this fine email to find out just why I would want Asian singles. A few thoughts did come to mind, but…no.

A few Facebook notifications! Uh, great. If I get another message about how somebody has made my crops on Farmville look pretty, I am dropping the game. No, I don’t have the time and motivation to worry about my fake craps, er, crops on Farmville.

Hey, here’s one I really need! Bare lifts bras! Wow! Sorry, no moobs for the Craigman and if I did, I would go for the natural look, not the uplifting turn a B into a D look.

Great Massage schools! Uh, great! I got a massage message. Say that one fast a time or two. Or don’t.

A one-day discount on Viagra! As if!

Breast implants! I don’t know many dudes are interested in having this done for themselves, but…

How to put Dr. in front of my name! I don’t need training for that. Dr. Craigman! See? Easy enough, not necessarily true though.

Check out hot pics of local singles! All I have to do is look outside and see plenty of hot people. Jeez, it has been well over 100 degrees. Not sure about the marital status and being this hot, don’t really care.

Get rid of those zits! No thanks, Proactiv! Hey, Ania has sent multiple requests for me to see hot singles! Sorry, not gonna happen. See response above!

Geez, yet another: Do I need larger breasts? Let me check, no.

Enough! I say! If somebody wanted to actually get me to open one of these junkzoids, tell me how to make millions of dollars every year from the comfort of my home working on a computer. Hmm, maybe I could figure out a program that would ban stupid email messages. That should be worth some serious G.

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  1. This is from Dr. Inman. I get a lot of those kind of emails every morning when I first click my send/receive. Most are deleted before I even read them. It is good to see you writing blogs again, tho.