Monday, June 21, 2010

Good things happening around county

The economy is still not all that great in the good old USA and here in LeFlore County, but there are positive things happening.

In Heavener, a new Subway has opened on Hwy. 59 north, just next to Mazzio’s. Also, a new car wash is open next to KP’s. Poteau’s new Holiday Inn-Express has also opened just next to the byway and across from the Choctaw Travel Plaza and EOMC has a new childbirth center which opened last week.

The new Almost Italy restaurant next to the courthouse is Poteau is also close to opening.

Dirt work is also underway at Poteau’s new civic center. The old track at Poteau’s football field is also being replaced. Currently most of the business buildings are full, at least in Poteau, nothing like the endless supply of empty buildings in other locations.

There are also new houses being built around the county, another sign that people are feeling better about the economy.

You also see a lot of new small businesses in the area. This is good, of course, for job growth, but also to increase the tax base and anything that keeps the money spent in county instead of Fort Smith or other locations helps all of us.

All the communities and schools have had to tighten their belts because of the lost revenue. That means lost jobs and programs, but we are still much better off than other parts of the country.

Is this the end of the recession? Probably not, but it is a good movement. People always say LeFlore County is a little behind the rest of the country. The recession hit here a little later than in other parts of the county and the recovery is hopefully here.

It has been tough the last couple of years and we are not out of the bad times, yet, but it is good to see good things happening and hopefully that will continue.

If you know of other good things happening in your community, please pass the information along.

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