Monday, July 18, 2011


Just imagine you are a player, fan or coach of the Heavener Wolves.

You open the newspaper to look at the upcoming football schedule. Let’s see, the opener is at Fayetteville. Eek. Then, we return home the second week to host Van Buren before another trip is on the agenda for the third week to play Fort Smith.

No, not Southside or Northside. That was Fort Smith. Whoever made that schedule would not be a popular person. Heavener will not open with those three opponents in the upcoming 2011 season. Instead, the opener on Sept. 2 is at Savanna.

But at one time, specifically 1930, that was Heavener’s three opening games. And guess what? The Wolves came out of that trio of contests with a pair of wins and a loss to Van Buren. That team went on to finish 10-1 and was proclaimed the Oklahoma State/EOAC champions, the only big championship the school has captured. Click HERE to review that season.

Lately, the Wolves have gone through some rough times. But just over 50 years ago, Heavener dominated southeastern Oklahoma. Consider the following: Heavener scored 54 points in its first four games in wins over Vian, Muldrow, Panama and Eufaula.

Spiro held the Wolves to ONLY 28 in a 28-6 loss. Heavener came back to hang 42 on Broken Bow, then really got its offense going by scoring 78 points later in a pair of lopsided wins over Wilburton and Poteau.

That Heavener team was the only one is school history without a loss. The only non-win was a tie in a second-round playoff game to Stigler, a team Heavener defeated earlier in the season. Back then, they didn’t play overtime. The Panthers advanced because of a tiebreaker. Here is the information on that season.

I find all this old information very interesting. That is why I started a new website In addition to having links to sports stories from throughout Oklahoma, there is a section with what I hope will eventually be scores from all the Oklahoma high schools games which have ever been played.

Currently, I have most of Heavener’s scores from 1926 through 2010, aside from a few years, which I hope somebody will forward. Next, I will turn my attention to Poteau and the other county schools, then branch out to the rest of the state.

Yes, this is rather ambitious. But I hope others enjoy looking back through the years and reading about how our fathers, grandfathers and even great grandfathers did on the gridiron.

Along with the scores, I hope to get team photos and stories which can be added to each year.

Eventually, I plan to add basketball and maybe baseball. But that is a ways down the road.

If you have information, please send it by email to or by mail to: Craig Hall, 300 S. Earl, Poteau, Ok. 74953.

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