Thursday, June 9, 2011

Weather woes

The first headline I saw today when I got on the internet was not the way a person should start his morning.

It was on Yahoo and said: Democrats shun Weiner.

Do I really need to know that?

In case you have missed out, over the last month or so the Journal has had the weather forecast.

Each morning I get an email from with the local weather forecast.

In case you were not aware, I am not a professional meteorologist. No, really (and I did look up the spelling. The first word I typed was for a person who studies meteors). I am not even as good as the old dudes who can tell what the weather will be six months from now because of the amount of fur on some bug's back.

Basically, I post what comes in the email with only slight rewording. Lately, every forecast has been HOT, or near record highs.

I don’t particularly care for the heat, but these are much better than the ones we had just a couple of weeks ago.

Most of those warned of severe storms coming our way.

I have never been good with storms. I hide it well because I am by nature a cool and collected person. Rather suave, too, if you can get past the image of looking like a mole rat which was referred to in my last blog.

In the past, anytime the sirens went off or Fred Baker or Garrett Lewis told us to get to the cellar, I moved at a speed which made Adrian Peterson look like a grandmother recovering from a broken hip.

Fortunately, now I live with this big hill behind the homestead and in a brick house. If a tornado did bear down on me like I was a mobile home park, I believe it would hit the hill behind me and take off like a biker hitting a ramp and wind up somewhere else.

This is probably not wise, but for some reasons when the bad stuff hits, it seems to follow a path to the south of Long Lake Hill, down around Hodgen or to the north part of the county.

I guess that is because of the mountains or rivers, I don’t know and Garrett has never explained it. Because of the choice of his music, I never can listen to Fred or KISR long enough to find out if it has been discussed.

When the first storm hit this year, it had my full attention. The wife went to bed. I asked her if she was worried about the weather. She answered by turning off the bedroom lights and was soon snoozing.

If you recall, that was the one with the softball-sized hail. I had never seen softball-sized hail, nor do I care to see it. After it started in with small hail, Molly was wondering what was going on and went to scratch at the door, which to the uninformed means “Get up off your rear and let me out!”

She lasted approximately two seconds outside before scampering back in.

We had so many storms this year that toward the end, I adopted the “Cry Wolf” attitude. I went to sleep, just like my wife.

This has not been a good year for the weather. We went from ice, to bad storms and now hot. Where was the nice weather, dangit? And how bad is it going to be in July or August.

Let’s find some bug-forecasting old men and find out, shall we?

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  1. Thanks for starting off my morning with a good laugh! Great blog and yes, the music on KISR stinks, but Fred sometimes is accurate.....scary but accurate.