Friday, April 29, 2011

Lamb's letter

Newly elected Lt. Gov. Will Lamb was kind enough to write a press release thanking the hard work of LeFlore County leaders in solving the mess the bureaucrats in Oklahoma City created in closing the Runestone.

You can read the release HERE.

Everybody who has tried to save the Heavener Runestone Park (notice, state is not included and never will be again) deserve a lot of credit. In Lamb’s press release, he cited Lundy Kiger, Traci Barnes, Samantha Hess and Mike Kennerson.

They recently visited Oklahoma City to visit with OTRD leaders and members of the state legislature and yes, they should be thanked.

In Lamb’s press release, he states that there has not been a better time than now to visit our great state. I agree. Visitors bring in a ton of money to our state, especially the eastern part of the state, where six of the seven starts parks that are being closed are located.

He also talked about the recent budget cuts which caused the OTRD to re-visit the financial opportunities of many state parks at the end of the summer and prompted a discussion at home and in the office. Financial opportunities? Uh, something closed will not provide financial opportunities. And discussion?  Lamb might have been involved in discussion before the parks were closed, but nobody from LeFlore County had that opportunity.

Instead, it was like the state of Oklahoma, the governor and the OTRD took a roundhouse swing at a bunch of little communities that depend on the state parks to thrive.

Lamb also mentioned the $500 million shortfall and the 5 percent reduction in budgets for state agencies. Good thing the OTRD has $39 million in the bank. And he gives props for the OTRD doing what they had to do, along with LeFlore County!

I almost felt giddy reading this. Almost.

I will probably once again catch some flak since we are supposed to put on our happy face while we work with the OTRD in transferring the operation of the Runestone.

And no, I do not know the Lt. Governor and have nothing against him. I thank him for, uh, thanking our county leaders. Yes, the Runestone will stay open because of the four people he mentioned, but also because of a lot of others such as Rep. James Lockhart, Sen. Mark Allen and many more.

Last but not least, Lamb mentions this true renaissance the state is experiencing. I might be wrong, but I thought a renaissance was something good, not the state leaders we elected allowing a travesty such as the closing of the state parks.

But thanks for the press release.


  1. The fact that his name is listed as "Lame" at the start shows us that you didn't think much of the press release. Thanks, Craig.

  2. Lundy Kiger, Traci Barnes, Samantha Hess and Mike Kennerson, eh? Well, Lundy Kiger went there to "apologize" for the behavior of the citizens of Heavener's behavior towards Ms. Snodgrass. Sorry, Lundy, but we owe no one an apology, and you do not deserve a thanks. Traci Barnes is showing her face and name in every newspaper and talking to every social club she can to get her campaign rolling soon, so no thanks to her, as well. Mike Kennerson, ok, thanks. Sen Allen, no thanks, your time is limited in office and your constituents will thank me later. Samantha Hess? Enough said.

  3. Actually i misspelled Lamb's name, did not meant to type Lame.