Thursday, September 24, 2009

Update on the Journal

A little update about The Journal…

First off, thanks to everybody who has visited and passed the word about the Journal to family and friends.

We have over 225 fans of the Journal on facebook!

I also want to thank everybody for their encouragement and help. There are a lot of friends, new and old, who have helped out with ideas and other suggestions. When I first started milling around the idea of starting a web site, I was torn between doing one for Poteau only, which would have been called The Poteau Press, and one for the county.

Three people I talked with all suggested doing the county version and I am glad I followed their suggestions. Ralph Perdue Jr. came up with the logo for the web site and the one being used on facebook and twitter. Others have submitted pictures and stories.

The submissions are going to be the lifeblood of the Journal. I can’t cover everything by myself and need lots of help from our Citizen Journalists to make the web site as good as it can be. We have had stories and pictures that other traditional media have not had and that is great.

So please continue to send in information and pass on the word about the Journal…

Now, for some updates…

If you enjoy writing, we can always use your stories, columns or blogs. We can have up to 100 writers for Leflore County Bloggers, so if you are interested, let me know. I also need people willing to cover events in all the county communities and stringers for the sporting events.I started a photo gallery for the web site. It can be found here. The only pictures on the new gallery are from Poteau’s games with Idabel on Tuesday night.

We also have a forum for the Journal. Please get involved. There are several different categories: news, sports, entertainment, suggestions and one for everything else. Everybody can read the posts but to post and vote, you have to register. It is easy and I can help if you need assistance.

I try and add new information and links every day. If there is a site you enjoy going to, let me know and I will add it to the links under etc.

If you run across a story about the county, its residents or former residents, please pass on the information. If you have done something or seen something interesting or know of somebody else who would make a good story, pass it on.

We will also soon have a letters to the Journal category. This is much like the letters to the editors traditional newspapers feature.

The Journal is ready for obituaries, wedding announcements, births, anniversaries, reunions and celebrations. This information is published at no cost. Please pass on the information to let us and the other Journal readers know.

Please let us know your suggestions, comments and advice. Again, thank you and I hope you enjoy The LeFlore County Journal.

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